Japan confirms the first case of coronavirus that has infected dozens in China

Japan confirmed its first case of a new coronavirus from China, the health ministry said Thursday.

A Chinese citizen who traveled to Wuhan, east of China, tested positive in Japan, the ministry said. The man in his 30s lives in Kanagawa Prefecture. He returned from Wuhan on January 6 and was hospitalized on January 10. He has already recovered and was released on Wednesday, the ministry said.

A ministry official said there are no other confirmed cases in Japan.

The pneumonia-like virus has infected dozens of people in Wuhan, with preliminary evidence suggesting that the outbreak was associated with exposure in a seafood market.

The man treated in Japan has not been to the Wuhan seafood market, according to the ministry of health. You may have been in close contact with a person infected with the virus while in Wuhan, the ministry said.

Coronaviruses generally cause symptoms of a common cold, infecting the nose, sinuses or upper throat, and spread through sneezing, coughing or direct contact.

The Ministry of Health issued a message to the Japanese public that it is important to wash their hands and take other preventive measures similar to those taken against the common cold or the flu.

He also called on those who returned from Wuhan and have experienced fever and cough to wear masks and visit medical institutions immediately. He advised them to report that they had been to Wuhan when they saw a doctor.


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