Intensive care graduate in intensive care one year after the viral graduation video – WKRG News 5


MOBILE, Ala, (WKRG) – Wednesday marks a year since a Pace child in Florida graduated from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the US Women's Children's Hospital. The viral video helped push the Cullen Potter story around the world. Cullen is bigger today by taking the house by assault.

"I mean by being so small that it will scale anything, it will do anything. It will jump. It will jump straight out of bed. No fear of being so small," said mother Molli Potter. Cullen Potter's story of being born at 22 weeks and slowly nursed to the health of children and women has attracted national attention.

"In addition to being small you wouldn't know the difference from him and any child who was perfectly delivered at regular times and everything else," said Robert Potter. Cullen's parents say they will forever be grateful to the men and women who work in children and women who give young children a chance, like their baby.

"These children are stronger than most people give them credit. He taught us so much about what he did can he do ", said Robert Potter." They can do it, here it is a year later with zero specialists, zero health concerns and is just a normal 17-month-old average child. "The NICU in Mobile is specialized in the care of extremely born babies premature, the case of Cullen no all hospitals could handle.


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