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PALO ALTO, California, April 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Intapp, a leading provider of business applications for professional services companies, today announced the results of a survey designed to examine the dynamics that make a law firm successful and a lawyer. Despite the growing awareness of the need for modern technology solutions to meet customer needs and increase profitability, the survey showed that the law firm's use of technology specifically designed for legal applications still has plenty of room for improvement.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with YouGov, interviewed 258 lawyers in companies with over 50 employees: 133 in the United States and 125 in the United Kingdom. He revealed that lawyers recognize the importance of using software built specifically for their needs and those of their customers with respect to generic solutions, but that many are still grappling with outdated technology that is not specific of the sector.

Research shows that 46% of UK lawyers interviewed use technologies that do not meet their needs and that some lawyers are finding that the technology they use is too complex and creates more work than it saves (28%). Many lawyers believed that their experience in office technology would be improved if they had access to more intuitive software (42 percent) and if that technology had a better user interface (40 percent). Almost half (48%) said that even software that is more suitable for legal activities could be helpful.

The results also showed that over a third (38%) of UK lawyers and 31% of US lawyers are considering a career change in the coming year, and 19% of these British and US lawyers cited the Outdated technology that their company uses as a reason for this.

In an increasingly competitive climate, where law firms deal with more data, increased customer growth and the competition to recruit a new wave of millennial technology experts who enter the world of work, c & # 39; a pressing need for British companies to review processes and technologies in place to ensure that they are designed with lawyers and industry in mind.

Nearly one-third of UK lawyers interviewed (30%) stated that their company does not use software technology as it could, and 42% list investments in technologies that support the legal service among the things law firms have to do to adapt / remain competitive.

Beyond that, artificial intelligence (AI) was a high-profile technological trend that many UK lawyers surveyed believe is valuable, with 49% recognizing its value in billable time tracking, something that was a priority for the sector. Others have said that its value lies in the settlement of conflicts (41%) and in compliance with customer billing documents (34%).

While results in the United States and the United Kingdom remained mostly consistent, the results showed that UK lawyers (46%) were more likely than US lawyers (35%) to believe that the technology they use every day does not fully meet their needs, and more lawyers in the United Kingdom (42%) considered that law firms should invest more in technologies that support legal work than US lawyers (20%).

"When it comes to providing technological solutions, it is necessary to appreciate the processes and activities that are specific to a specific sector and role of employees," said Chris Turk, regional vice president of Intapp, EMEA. "This is reflected in the results of our surveys, which show that there is a clear demand for technology used by law firms to be more intuitive and, ultimately, adapted to the legal industry to meet the needs of today's lawyers."

"As I often say to my clients in the legal sector, law firms are at a turning point in technology," said Ralph Baxter, former president and CEO of Orrick global law firm and law firm consultant, technology startup. legal and corporate law departments. "As the survey clearly shows, companies must now invest in technology that integrates quickly and contributes to business development, customer service and internal processes. They also need to use technology, as their customers do, to provide a better service, faster and less expensive. "

All figures, unless otherwise specified, come from YouGov Plc. The total sample size was 258 lawyers in companies with more than 50 employees: 133 in the United States and 125 in the United Kingdom. Fieldwork was conducted between 2/8/19 and 02/14/19. The survey was carried out online.

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