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In the outpatient clinics for free measles, vaccines require money – the media

In the outpatient clinics for free measles, vaccines require money - the media

Kyiv outpatient clinics sell free measles vaccine

In the metropolitan clinics, the free measles vaccine sold for money, journalists found.

Free vaccine against measles in outpatient clinics in Kiev for cash. This is stated in the material of the Vesti journalists, who have turned to a number of metropolitan and regional medical institutions as an experiment.

In particular, they asked about the availability of the vaccine and the possibility of vaccinations in the metropolitan clinic №1 of the Obolon district on ul. Jordan, 26. They stated, however, that they are not taking measles vaccinations against adults and sending them to the central district clinic. But even there journalists waited for refusal. Only after a complaint with the health service of the government of the city of Kiev, was the vaccine miraculously found in the clinic & # 39 ;.

"I think this situation is not in one clinic. Many people I recommended to go to the clinic to take root also ran into difficulties. I know that for these vaccines both 200 and 300 UAH are being asked to sell them they come to the health department. In case of refusal, people look for where they can buy these vaccines for cash, because in commercial medical institutions there is also a shortage of these drugs. the "left" it is impossible ", – noted Head of the laboratory of the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. L.V. Gromashevsky AMS from Ukraine Igor Marichev.

According to the Ministry of Health website there are around 1.2 million vaccines in Ukraine. At the same time, the number of Ukrainians vaccinated per month is around 50,000 people.

Remember that the number of measles cases in Ukraine is falling two weeks in a row.

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