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IG Wealth Management Walk for Nelson's Alzheimer's honors Cheryl Maglio-Foote

Are you one of two thirds of British Colombians who have personally known someone living with dementia?

If you are living with dementia or you know someone else, you can show your support by registering at the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's. Fundraising in support of the Alzheimer Society of B.C. Sunday May 5, will be held at Nelson Rotary Lakeside Park at 11:00.

The event offers the opportunity to remember or honor people in our lives who have been touched by dementia, while raising funds to support those living with the disease today. Each of the 21 events in B.C. is

dedicated to a honouree – an individual or group suffering from dementia, or who has made a significant contribution to the lives of people living with the disease. This year Nelson Walk honors Cheryl Maglio-Foote.

Cheryl has filled her days with music, art, theater, dining with friends and spending time with her three daughters Ashley, Alyssa and Erica, and later, three grandchildren Ethan, Beau and Riley.

When Cheryl started to withdraw from her favorite things and socially isolate herself, her family knew that something was wrong: her dementia was

already rapidly progressing.

"We've all been crushed," says Ashley. "I had just had a baby and my sister was pregnant. We were crushed by the fact that she could never enjoy it with her grandchildren. She would have been the best grandmother."

The stress of sudden financial and medical decision-making processes was added to their sadness, starting to establish proxy processes that could have been less stressful if they recognized the signs

first and sought help, says Ashley.

While Cheryl's daughters have relied on a strong family support network,

Ashley says, Alzheimer Society of B.C. support groups are a valuable resource for other families who are carrying the burden of caregiving on their own.

The funds raised by the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's allow the Alzheimer Society of B.C. support and education for Nelson and help facilitate research into the causes and treatment of the disease, so we can look towards a world without dementia.

For a limited time, people who raise funds to support this event can make double the difference. For each gift made online at the Walk in B.C. before April 14, an extremely generous donor promised to match donations up to a total of $ 100,000.

To double your impact and support people, like Cheryl Maglio-Foote, who are on the journey of dementia, register today on walkforalzheimers.ca.


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