I had shed 9st after snacking on chocolate at at 1am, 2am and 3am left me with Type 2 diabetes – The Sun


LIFE is sweet for mum Connie Bott now she has ditched sugar.

Connie had chocs stashed in each room and snacked several times a night.

  Connie Bott shed 9st after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes


Connie Bott shed 9st after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetesCredit: Dave Nelson
  Connie used to get up at night to tuck into chocolate treats


Connie used to get up at night to tuck into chocolate treats

But her guilt, and extra pounds, started to go as she began the Low Carb Program. Connie, 52, has shed almost 9st and her health fears.

She says: "Chocolate was my best friend. I used to eat family. Galaxy bars, tins of Quality Street and Roses. I d wake up at 1am, 2am and 3am to tuck in. "

Connie, of Sheffield, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013. She weighed 19st and wore size 22-24.

Her blood glucose level (HbA1c) was 65 – above the type 2 diabetes threshold of 48.

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TYPE 2 diabetes is a ticking time bomb.

But the Sun newspaper does not help you to get your hands on it – or stop developing the condition in the first place.

We have teamed up with The Low Carb Program, the world's leading platform helping to combat type 2 diabetes. But the plan can be followed by ANYONE who wants to achieve sustainable weight loss and improve health, with no need to count calories or go hungry.

In January, it was added to the NHS’s library of apps. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has also backed the plan.

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Her prescribed doctor Gliclazide and Linagliptin, and she tried to slim by cutting calories. But she was so addicted to sugar, it took her weeks to stop craving it.

She found the Low Carb Program, through diabetes.co.uk.

It became a further 5st and reduced her blood glucose level. She is now off medication and her type 2 diabetes is in remission.

Husband Martyn, 57, a former driving instructor, has shed 3st by sharing her healthy meals.

  The Sun's diabetes pull-out in Sunday's paper


The Sun's diabetes pull-out in Sunday's paper

She is drinking plenty of water all day helps – and still gets her choc fix but in a healthier way. She says: “I like 85 per cent dark chocolate with a soft filling.

"You cannot do what I 've done by eating just lettuce.

"Try good alternatives, which you look forward to. Discipline, and belief, can’t be underestimated. Take each achievement as a pat on the back. "

Sons Stephen, 31, Jonathan, 28, and Jacob, 18, agreed the new routine has changed their mum beyond recognition.

Connie adds: “I had lost myself. I wouldn't go out unless I had and stopped having my hair done. My confidence was shot. "

Now, at 10st 12lb, she says: “I would recommend the Low Carb Program. You´ll be surprised how simple and satisfying it is. "

Healthy breakfast recommendations from someone who's fighting type 2 diabetes


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