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Hypertension due to alcohol: even moderate drinking is harmful

Lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle can have a negative impact on your health. For example, excessive blood pressure may be due to alcohol consumption. What many don't know: even though small amounts of alcohol are a risk factor that should not be underestimated, which can lead to serious consequences.

What influence does alcohol have on blood pressure?

The relationship between blood pressure and alcohol can be confusing. On the one hand, alcohol acts as a vasodilator, which in turn lowers blood pressure and one positive effect never mind. Alcohol vasodilation only occurs for a short time and mainly affects the vessels of the facial skin. Redness of the face and heat feelings are the result.

the negative effect outweighs: So it should come when alcohol is used for an increased release of blood pressure raising hormones. These in turn cause a narrowing of blood vessels, so that blood pressure increases.

Even if you drink relatively little alcohol, it can raise your blood pressure. The magnitude of this effect is, however, individually different and also gender-specific. "In men, blood pressure usually rises from around 30 grams of alcohol and in women from about 20 grams of alcohol," said the heart specialist Prof. dr. Dr. med. Dieter Klaus of the scientific advisory board of the German Heart Foundation.

The increase in blood pressure can also be exacerbated if, in addition to alcohol, other risk factors such as smoking or stress are added, Klaus continues.

Why does alcohol use raise blood pressure?

High blood pressure due to alcohol arises for reasons that have not yet been clarified. The hormones that are released in the middle brain as a result of alcohol consumption must raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.

What is certain is that more calories are consumed as a result of prolonged consumption of alcohol, which promotes weight gain and, as a result, affects the cardiovascular system.

info: The combination of obesity and high blood pressure can be seen as a cycle: obesity increases the vascular system of the body, so that the blood has to travel longer distances to reach all cells of the body and provide them with nutrients and oxygen. Conversely, the heart needs to do more work by transporting the blood to all blood vessels.

How much does alcohol raise blood pressure?

The increase in blood pressure when drinking alcohol varies individually. As an approximate indication, doctors say that the upper (systolic) value increases by a maximum of 7 mmHg, while the lower (diastolic) value increases by a maximum of 5 mmHg.

How much alcohol is allowed?

To minimize the risk of alcoholic hypertension, as in many cases, the dose makes the poison. Therefore, ensure that you do not exceed the maximum recommended amount.

  • Men should not do more than daily 30 grams of alcohol used up. That would be about 0.3 liters of wine or slightly less than a liter of beer.
  • However, women should live with it 20 grams of alcohol leave on the day. That is about half a liter of beer or a glass of wine (about 0.2 liters).

If you follow these guidelines, your blood pressure should not be raised under normal circumstances due to alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, regular monitoring of blood pressure is part of health care. Therefore, be careful – at all ages – carefully on your blood pressure.

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