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How to treat the flu, symptoms, how many days, infection: know everything about the epidemic in 2019

The epidemic of influenza continues to cross France and seems to know the peak winter. According to health authorities, the virus has killed at least 1,100 people, mostly due to complications.

A high fever, sometimes more than 39 degrees, pain in the body, chills, headaches and a very strong feeling of fatigue, to the point of being forced to go to bed, flu symptoms are quite easily recognizable.

Influenza is a viral disease, the body will only eliminate the pathogen and the cure must be spontaneous within a week, even if the remaining fatigue can persist. It is very important in the flu phase to rest for a few days. The biggest risk of the disease is indeed a severe super infection on a tired organism and weakened immune system.

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Patients also need to think about hydration and take medication to reduce the fever. Antibiotics are totally useless on a virus. Finally, we need to be alert to the risks, although rare in a normal healthy person, worsening of the flu (fever over 40 degrees, bronchial mucositis that hinders breathing …) for which urgent medical care may be needed.

Because flu is a very contagious disease, it is important to wash your hands more often and, ideally, wear a medical mask on your face. The flu can be transmitted a priori to one to three days after the outbreak of the disease, although the cases are very variable according to the patients. A person is also contagious up to five days before the onset of symptoms, during the incubation period. Children who eventually develop a higher viral load are, after all, more contagious.

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