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How bicarbonate-rich healing water can help with diabetes

Bonn (ots) – Healing water with a lot of hydrogen carbonate can help
how to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and its effects
scientific studies. Such as bicarbonate in diabetes
work, Japanese researchers have now discovered. That's why it helps
Hydrogen carbonate in the blood sugar level, improves the
Metabolism and creates a "slim" intestinal flora. medicinal waters
deliver the active ingredient fairly easily and without calories. than
They are hydrogen carbonate-rich of about 1300 mg bicarbonate
per liter. Healing waters are in well-sorted food and drink
Beverage markets available.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 affects more and more people and always
more often younger. That is why researchers are looking for ways to express themselves
to protect against this widespread disease as simply and effectively as possible
can. An interesting way might be drinking regularly
or bicarbonate-rich healing water. Many studies show that
the beginning and progression of type 2 diabetes using
Hydrogen carbonate can be delayed. How and why
However, hydrogen carbonate had a beneficial effect on metabolism
not known for a long time. That is what a Japanese research group wanted
to invent.

What is baking soda?

In daily life we ​​know bicarbonate in combination with sodium
under the name of soft drinks. Hydrogen carbonate is a strong base
Neutralize the acids well. Our body uses bicarbonate
as a natural acid buffer. In many healing waters comes
Hydrogen carbonate by nature in larger quantities earlier. So rich in it
Hydrogen carbonate is considered as a therapeutic water of about 1,300 mg
Hydrogen carbonate per liter.

Positive effects of bicarbonate

In the Japanese study, participants drank for a week
every day half a liter of water that is rich in bicarbonate
a week of low-hydrogen carbonate water. This series was still
repeated twice. Based on the before and after research
the scientists found positive effects in the
Blood sugar control, in the metabolism and in the intestinal flora.

Hydrogen carbonate for better glycemic control

Because of the high blood sugar level, diabetics get more
Proteins "saccharified", ie bound to sugar. This creates
Glycoproteins that are harmful to the metabolism. How much
Proteins are saccharified, the Glykoalbumin level. This is it
especially in poorly adjusted diabetics significantly higher than
in healthy people. Blood levels were in the Japanese study
harmful glycoalbumin after drinking the bicarbonate rich
Water significantly lower than after the hydrogen carbonate bad water.
Because the glycopruminum level is comparable to the commonly used HbA 1c
Measure the blood sugar levels, so causes bicarbonate
better glycemic control.

Hydrogen carbonate lowers critical amino acids

Because the metabolism of diabetics of healthy
People are different, the Japanese researchers have also studied
the metabolic profiles of the participants. 15 percent of
Metabolites were found after drinking
significantly changed in water rich in bicarbonate. So the crowd sank
critical amino acids such as tyrosine, which are known as
Risk factors for type 2 diabetes apply. The reduction of critical
Amino acids show that bicarbonate-rich healing water the
Metabolism can have a positive impact.

Strengthen the intestinal bacteria

The intestinal flora of humans probably has an effect on the
There are type 2 diabetes and obesity
suggest. That changed in the Japanese study
bicarbonate-rich healing water the composition of the bacteria
in the gut. There were significantly more bacteria with one
healthy body weight, as they are
slim people much more pronounced than at
Overweight. This can also be the result of
Hydrogen carbonate contributes to the protection of diabetes.

Conclusion: the study from Japan explains the mechanism of action of
Hydrogen carbonate at least partially. And she confirms again
the positive effect of bicarbonate-rich water
Type-2 diabetes. So it seems to be recommended, regularly
with hydrogen carbonate rich medicinal water to drink to metabolism
improve and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you choose a water that also contains a lot of magnesium, you can
In addition, strengthen diabetes protection. Because magnesium applies to many
already as an antidiabetics, as countless studies have shown
to contribute enough magnesium to protect against diabetes and
Can prevent secondary diseases. Healing waters are considered to be
Magnesium rich of about 100 mg of magnesium per liter.[Linkto[Linkzur[Linknaar[Linkzur
Original study: Murakami et al., 2015]

7 nutrition tips to protect against diabetes

What diabetics have to eat is no different today
of the general recommendations for a healthy diet. this one
Tips also help protect you against diabetes.

1. Reduce obesity:

If you place too much on the scale (BMI more than 25 kg / m2), you should do so
slow and sustainable weight loss, or at least keep the weight away.

2. Less animal fat, more vegetable oils:

Fats must account for no more than 35 percent of energy intake.
Saving is especially important with animal fats such as butter, cream, bacon,
high fat meat and sausage announced. Provide vegetable oils
however, important unsaturated fatty acids.

3. Good carbs:

Approximately 45 to 60 percent of the energy intake must be switched off
Carbohydrates come out. The best are complex carbohydrates
badly processed natural food. Sugar is not a taboo
but should be in moderation and more in combination with other foods
to be eaten.

4. High fiber:

Fibers fill you and slow down the transition from
Carbohydrates in the blood. Whole grain cereals, legumes and vegetables
Fruit offers a lot of fiber and other important nutrients.

5. Drink water:

The best thirst quenchers are water and unsweetened teas. medicinal waters
with lots of hydrogen carbonate and magnesium can also help protect
contribute to diabetes. Calorie drinks such as soft drinks and
Juices, milk or alcohol should be handled carefully as they are
Give calories, but do not refill. Moreover, the sugar goes out
Drinks quickly in the blood.

6. Eat regularly:

Be sure to prevent blood sugar peaks and hypoglycaemia
if possible for normal meals.

7. Move a lot:

Sporting activities and physical exercise in daily life will help you
lose weight or keep weight. But they also improve
Metabolism and help to prevent diabetes and its consequences
to protect.

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