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Great debate, COPD and the use of screens at bedtime

Big debate: the French want better healthcare

The balance of the great national debate was presented this Monday 8 in the Grand Palais in Paris. Health is important in terms of public services. Citizens indeed want a change in this system: 27.8% of contributors want an improvement of the system, followed by assistance to the elderly, which, according to 16.9% of the participants, require improvements. This prevalence of the health field can be explained by a large number of retirements of doctors who are not being replaced, especially in rural areas, or by the financial problems of access to dental care. More information by clicking here.

COPD: consuming fibers prevent diseases

Fruit, grains, vegetables, nuts: their consumption would protect the lungs. A study conducted by the universities of Sydney and Newcastle shows that these fiber-rich foods enable the body to produce fatty acids, essential for the prevention of certain lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is characterized by bronchial obstruction, cough and chronic mucus. This disease is insidious and most patients do not notice any symptoms until they are well established. In most cases, smoking is the cause. We tell you more in our article.

The time spent in front of the screens in the evening would have little effect on the well-being of teenagers

Is there really a connection between the time spent on fencing and the well-being of adolescents? Many parents are convinced of this, but research by Oxford scholars has failed to provide relevant evidence on this subject. After analyzing data from more than 17,000 adolescents, they say there is no real connection. Click here for more information.

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