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Girl, 13, dies one day after he has been diagnosed with cancer

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Tanisha Baverstock was "skin and bones" by the time she was correctly diagnosed, her mother said

A girl died a day after being diagnosed with cancer, her mother said.

Kelly Baverstock said that daughter Tanisha, 13, was "skin and bones" and "barely able to lift her head" but Salisbury District Hospital said she had pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics.

The next day she brought her to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and after five hours of waiting Tanisha was diagnosed with cancer. She died within 24 hours.

Both hospitals said they could not comment on individual cases.

The teenager, from Calne in Wiltshire, coughed for a few weeks when she was seen by a GP in mid-January and again on January 25 and prescribed antibiotics.

"She began to lose weight, got to the side of the school and became weaker and weaker," said Mother-of-nine, Baverstock.

"But on both visits of the doctor she was not taken seriously and shipped off with antibiotics without real effort of diagnosis or urgency."

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The teenager appeared with family members on their YouTube channel, the Baverstock family

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Kelly Baverstock

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In a letter to Mrs. Baverstock, the Salisbury District Hospital admitted that there had been a "confusion in referrals."

A week later she discovered that her daughter had a blood infection & # 39; she had an outpatient appointment at the Salisbury District Hospital.

Despite being told the x-ray of the teen & # 39; changes in her lungs & # 39; showed, the hospital sent them home with antibiotics and said they had to come back within four weeks.

But the next morning the hospital staff phoned that they had looked at the x-ray photos and "something very bad was growing in her lungs".

With her head "spinning around", Baverstock said she repeatedly tried to get her doctor and eventually gave up and "took a chance" and drove her daughter to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

& # 39; Studded with it & # 39;

"She was really brave, but she was in the final stages of death, she could not hold her head up and her fingernails turned purple," she said.

"But she treated her like a normal A & E patient – she sat there for hours."

Five hours later, after a new X-ray, she was told that her daughter had cancer. Tanisha died the next day.

"She was full of it – all in her chest and heart – and she only breathed one lung," Baverstock said.

"I do not know what to say or do, I went inside and came without her.

"I have the feeling that the hospitals, doctors and the doctors whom I have oversaw to Tanisha have failed and have been negligent and have not done their job well."

In a letter to Mrs. Baverstock, the Salisbury District Hospital admitted that there had been a "confusion in referrals," but that was because the family had recently moved from Salisbury to Calne.

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children said in a statement that it was not able to comment on individual cases "because of the confidentiality of the patient".

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