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Forensic report on the death of British tourists in Hurghada by E. coli bacteria

The report of the Department of Egyptian Forensic Medicine describes the cause of death. The report attributed the death of these British tourists, Mr. James Cooper, and Mrs. Susan Ellen Cooper, who were in a hotel in Hurghada in the Red Sea halfway last month. To stop the heart muscle and breathing, and this was the result of what was suffering from nausea and vomiting, as well as persistent diarrhea and then entered the impact into a state of complete exhaustion.

Although the laboratory analysis of these samples, taken from the body of Ghaltha victims, has shown that the tourist, "John James", is a positive part of these intestinal ischemic bacteria, which is called E. coli (E-COLI), Which affects the gut, and because of which the reason that led to the occurrence of diarrhea and the occurrence of vomiting resulted in an imbalance in the content of salts in the blood, which has contributed to increasing the severity of gastroenteritis and which has had a serious effect on the heart condition of a serious heart, is that it happened The narrow coronary arteries, the three of which resulted in a decrease in the cardiovascular heart supply and are associated with the effects of this infection, which eventually led to death.

A report on E. coli bacteria shows information about the most important of these is the following:

These bacteria live in the normal form of the intestines in healthy people and in animals.

There are many species, most of which are harmless and their presence is usually accompanied by diarrhea.

There are bad strains of these bacteria E. coli, leading to anxiety and severe upset stomach and the occurrence of vomiting and diarrhea is bloody.

It can be caused by eating food or drinking contaminated drinks, especially raw vegetables and uncooked meat.

It is possible to move easily between infected people, especially if the person who is infected does not always wash his hand properly and correctly.

Infection always occurs in children who constantly visit the zoo or come into contact with animals in their homes.

How can you protect yourself against the attack of E. coli bacteria?

There are no bacteria or infections to prevent infection or medicines to prevent the infection of these harmful bacteria, the bad E. coli bacteria, so you should avoid eating foods that are clearly contaminated and that humans can infect. To protect yourself against damage, you must control the process of cooking food, especially meat, which is cooked at a very high temperature or access to the cooking process that is very good for food, and then you must also put the vegetables in a very good form washing Also, with the need and need to use vinegar and lemon to kill and kill these harmful bacteria E. coli bacteria, and you have to avoid places crowded or crowded with people and pressure, and you have to make sure that a clear cleanliness is in the toilets, especially toilets located in public and foreign places.

This was information about the E. coli bacterium that should be avoided and that causes the death of tourists in Hurghada.

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