Fish oil supplements linked to sperm health


Taking fish oil supplements may improve sperm quality in healthy young men, a new analysis suggests.

Investigators studied 1,679 Danish men who performed physical exams for mandatory military service. Their average age was 19 years, and 98 of them reported having taken fish oil supplements during the last three months.

Compared to those who did not take any, men who took fish oil supplements for at least 60 days during the previous three months had a higher sperm count, a higher proportion of normal sperm cells, an average semen volume taller and a larger average testicular size. They also had significantly lower levels of follicle stimulating hormone and lower levels of luteinizing hormone, both indicators of better testicular function.

There was also a dose-response effect for fish oil: those who took supplements in more than 60 days had better testicular function than those who took them less frequently.


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