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Fear of Ebola at Mugabe Airport

Passengers aboard a fastjet Airways flight, which landed at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on Wednesday, entered panic mode after one of the passengers complained of headaches and body weakness, symptoms synonymous with the dreaded Ebola virus.

The unidentified man, considered a transnational truck driver, was returning home for his holidays when he suddenly became ill.

Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Portia Manangazira stated that she had made arrangements to have him transported to an ambulance for further investigation.

"Actually, when he arrived at the hospital, his temperature had dropped, we're not worried, tests were conducted and proper procedures were followed," he said.

The aircraft was disinfected according to the standard procedure.

"There is no need to panic, it has actually shown that our surveillance system is functional," said Manangazira.

The health director of the city of Harare, Prosper Chonzi, stated that the man had no critical symptoms synonymous with Ebola and that his temperature was normal since Wednesday.
"He complained only of a headache, it could be anything. The symptoms are not typically those of Ebola. He has no fever, no bleeding anywhere on his body and his temperature is normal", he said.

"The patient flew from South Africa after being in Lubumbashi where he left his delivery van: Lubumbashi has no known Ebola cases, but northern cities".

Chonzi said he had hired a specialist to look into the matter and the truck driver was still in the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals waiting for further test results.


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