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Exercise makes us want healthy food – MedNews

February 8, 2019, 18:57

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas, Austin) have found that regular exercise is related to improving eating habits.

In a new study published in International Journal of Obesity, attended by 2,680 students from the University of Houston (University of Houston) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (University of Alabama, Birmingham). They did not have regular physical exertion (less than 30 minutes per week) and did not eat.

As part of the experiment, they practiced aerobics three times a week for 15 weeks and also received instructions to not significantly change their diet.

Scientists discovered that research participants who were previously inactive, after a few weeks of training, prefer to choose "healthy" foods (lean meat, fruit and vegetables), while they have preferences for deep-fried food, soft drinks and other unhealthy food options.

So despite the instruction not to make any significant changes to your diet, it still happened. Although this study has not considered the mechanism of action of these changes, according to several earlier studies, moderate exercise may weaken the preference for foods with many animal fats by changing the dopamine content. Several studies have also shown the relationship between exercise intensity and the amount of hormones that regulate appetite in the body.

"The process of becoming physically active can affect dietary behavior, one of the reasons why we need to promote physical activity are healthy habits that can be formed in other areas, and this combination is very powerful," says Molly Bray. , head of the department nutrition of the university and teacher of paediatrics at the Dell Medical School.

Changes in eating habits with regular physical activity are likely to be similar for different ages. The study examined people between the ages of 18 and 35, a period of youth critical for the formation of healthy habits. Previous studies have shown that a significant increase in weight occurs in student time, and a small or moderate overweight in 20-22 years increases the risk of obesity in old age.

"Many people in the study did not know that this active, healthy person was in them, some of them thought their size was unchanged, many of these young people choose what they have and when they need to sport for the first time in their lives. go exercise, "said Molly Bray.

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