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Doctors mentioned the first symptoms of gout

Doctors mentioned the first symptoms of gout

Washington, March 17. American doctors at the Mayo Clinic mentioned the first symptoms of gout, a disease that affects the joints.

Experts said the first symptom of the disease is severe pain. The disease usually starts with the big toes and the knees, wrists, hands and fingers of the hands are also at risk. The disease starts with redness in the joint area and its inflammation, the affected area becomes hot. As the disease progresses, it becomes difficult for a person to move the affected joints.

Doctors noted that the risk of illness increases the unhealthy diet. Excessive consumption of meat, seafood, alcohol and fructose drinks increases the risk of gout. Moreover, obese people are affected. Gout can also occur as a result of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and kidney diseases.

Doctors added that the disease affects men aged 30 to 50, and in women the disease can occur after the menopause.

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