Doctors asking Manitobans to take extra precautions this flu season.

Doctors warn about three different influenza strains active in Manitoba after the death of two young people.

The WRHA says that there are three different viruses that circulate at this time, when seasonally, we usually only see one at a time. Positive results from the Influenza A, Influenza B and RSV virus test have been found in Manitoba, but normally at this time, only Influenza A would be active. Doctors say that it is only possible to get one strain of flu at a time, but you can get one after the other.

“If your underlying symptoms get worse, you should seek medical attention.”

“Usually, the flu symptoms would be the same,” explains Dr. Bunmi Fatoye, WRHA Health Medical Officer. “With the flu, the symptoms are more severe.”

The flu can give symptoms such as body aches, nausea and breathing difficulties.

“You have to think about your baseline, and if you have any pre-existing medical condition,” says Dr. Fatoye about the evaluation of symptoms.

If someone has a condition that affects their immune system, it is recommended that they take special care during the flu season. The flu will last a week for the average person, but if the symptoms persist, doctors suggest visiting a doctor.

“If your underlying symptoms get worse, you should seek medical attention,” says Dr. Fatoye.

Two Manitobans have died so far this year due to flu symptoms. Blaine Ruppenthal, 17, and Joanne Ens, 26, died from flu complications. In general, children and the elderly are more susceptible to complications of the flu. His passes were a surprise to many.

The first thing doctors want people to do is recognize the symptoms of the flu. A parent may need to control their children more carefully and see how their overall health is. Parents can control and treat their children’s flu symptoms themselves. It is also suggested to make sure the child gets enough sleep.

“If the child has trouble breathing or the fever is too high … if he can’t eat or drink, it should be taken for an evaluation,” says Dr. Fatoye.

To prevent the flu, doctors want you to immunize your children.

“The sooner you get vaccinated, the better,” explains Dr. Fatoye. “It takes about two weeks for antibodies to form in the body.”

Other basic hygiene practices should also be practiced at this time to prevent disease.

“Be sure to wash your hands regularly,” says Dr. Fatoye. Also ask that if someone needs to touch their face, wash their hands before and after.

To prevent the spread of flu symptoms, it is recommended to cover the cough, discard used tissues and stay at home.


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