Depression: why is it worst in the spring?


November is generally considered to be the worst month for depressed people, autumn and winter are considered the most difficult season: "the dark season," it says, and even people who don't have depression think they can suddenly understand how it is is the duration that is pressed always goes. As if raindrops are running through the window and everything is gray and cold, you don't want to go outside!

In fact, spring is the worst time for those who suffer from depression, easy or difficult or moderate. We can hide at least in the autumn, because there is a social convention at that time, namely that stay inside and feel at ease. Or, as it is T.S. Eliot wrote in his epic poem "The Desert Land": "April is the cruelest month, rides / lilac of the dead land, mixes / remembers with pleasure, touches / brittle roots with spring rains." The winter has kept us warm, covered / earth in forgetful snow … "

Yes, April is the cruelest month, and then May and June, because winter has kept us warm, and now it is not only this described mixture of memory and lust, but it is also the call of life, of friends, the family, nature, but to go out, to go out into the world.

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Fall Winter lets you hide like a depressed person, and when you say, "I'm sorry, I just couldn't, I wanted to come, but I didn't come out of the house," the others say, "Yes, I understand , I'd rather stay in the weather. "The depressing lifestyle of drooling with woolen blankets then becomes mainstream for a few weeks and you can go underground.

You will never again notice how stiff and frozen your own features are, how incredible and immobile and not at all the soul is presentable

But how should I describe, if only one example, in the best of the weather, I have an appointment with someone for a short, informal conversation in a beer garden, and in the second or third attempt, at least I'm in the car ( the bike is not so good a hiding place, there are too many people on the bus), but then I just sit in the parking lot, with the beer garden in sight, the linden trees weigh their heads over it, the afternoon light plays on the glass and bald heads, people smile at each other with their Sunglasses, and it is the perfect world, I am even hungry and a kind of beer thirst, but: it is simply not possible. And I can't explain it. And last but not least, I don't want to explain.

It doesn't matter to those who don't have depression in the spring, or they just don't understand. For Depressiva, the Gutwetterausbruch is the season in which we are told: "Go out, that would be good for you. – Conquer yourself, look, you have done so much compared to that is a breeze. – Everyone is happy when you come! – Frankly, you need sun, I read, vitamin D deficiency is one of the main causes of depression, I don't want to offend you, but you may just be too much inside … "

The list can be continued indefinitely. But apart from the fact that depressed people themselves know most about depression, and many people already take vitamin D in high doses: can non-depressed people imagine how bad it is if you really went through it?

It is one thing to lie in bed at home or on the couch, or just stare at the tabletop at the office or Twitter. This is not right, it feels wrong, but that is why it is consistent again, as a depressive person it creates at least a kind of congruence of the inner and outer world, for moments. But if one follows the ruthless call out, one carries his gloomy inner world to the light, to the apocalypse of the early wizard, and one never notices more clearly than in the bright sunlight or the soft twilight how stiff and frozen are own characteristics are, how illegible and immobile and not at all present to the soul.

Of course, light helps against depression, and darkness intensifies it. But these are physico-chemical facts that cannot be arbitrarily scaled: one cannot extrapolate, the more light, the less depression, the more outside, the happier.

So leave the depressed person a bit alone, especially in good weather and long days. Make them offers, but no suggestions. Invite them, but don't be offended if they don't even answer. Make plans with them, but none that collapse without their participation. And thanks to everyone who already does it. There are not a few. Have fun with the spring.