Depression and mental health policy: Alastair Campbell – RN Breakfast


Alastair Campbell spent years in the spotlight as press secretary and director of communications and strategy for the former British prime minister Tony Blair.

Outwardly it gave the impression of a brilliant agent of power and fearless communicator, at the top of his game.

But the shadow of depression was always there, and nearly knocked it down.

Since then Alastair Campbell has made the virtue of his fight against mental illness, working tirelessly to raise awareness and put pressure on governments to do more.

He is in Australia as a guest of Orygen, the national center of excellence for mental health of young people, which collaborates with the Center for Ideas of the University of New South Wales to produce a series of events focusing on "mental health policy" . Tickets can be purchased on their website

Guest: Alastair Campbell, writer, commentator and former spokesman for British Prime Minister Tony Blair, press secretary and director of communications and strategy.

Producer: Katie Hamann


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