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Dementia Related Deaths In US More Than Double In 20 Years – Business Insights News

As for a recent report of researchers from US Center for Disease As by date revealed by CDC overall death rate from dementia increased from just 30.5 per 100,000 a couple of decades ago in 200 to more than double at 66.7 by 2017. 262,000 deaths though just a couple of decades ago it was at 84,000.

Director of scientific programs and Alzheimer's association outreach program Keith Fargo said that this huge shift shows that the problem is getting bigger every year. CDC health statistician Ellen Kramarow stated that this could also be a laugh in America's aging as people at that age group to have high risk of dementia. If people are affected with diseases like heart problems or cancer etc. and there is greater risk of developing dementia. Today is a major part of the American population.

Fargo added that some of these increases could also be a better record of death in old people. But still with improvements in record keeping Fargo said that dementia deaths are underrepresented as it was revealed that it was not mentioned as the main cause of death. He stated that he is a progressive brain disease that begins with changes in his life was higher in women than men.

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