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Check their loved ones for signs of dementia, Barbara Barbara's husband incites

The husband of Dame Barbara Windsor has urged people to check the first signs of dementia among their loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Scott Mitchell, who was married to the former EastEnders & the star Carry On for 25 years, said that detecting the condition early allowed his wife to continue working for another two years and live the life "in the most complete way possible".

Anyone who is worried about the way a relative is acting should encourage them to visit their general practitioner, he said.

Mood swings, depression, repeated questions, poor concentration and confusion can all be signs of dementia, according to NHS England.

"It is so important to take the signs early enough to ensure that you, your family and your loved one receive the support available from the National Health Service and charitable organizations such as the Alzheimer & # 39; s Society, so that they can address the challenges created by dementia, "said Mitchell.

"Having diagnosed Barbara early was a positive move and allowed us to adapt to her condition and, in my opinion, gave her two more years to continue working and the appearances in EastEnders that were normal for her and live the life as much as possible

"So, this Valentine's Day, I urge you to support a loved one if he acts without character and if you're worried, kindly suggest to visit their general practitioner and receive the assistance and support they deserve."

Dame Barbara initially kept her diagnosis of dementia secret (John Stillwell / PA)
Dame Barbara initially kept her diagnosis of dementia secret (John Stillwell / PA)

At Dame Barbara, 81, she was told she had dementia in 2014, but kept the secret diagnosis until May of last year.

Mitchell has in the past revealed that the actress sometimes forgets that she is married.

"As relationships progress over a number of years, our loved ones can change and develop habits that we often reduce to signs of aging," said Professor Alistair Burns, NHS England National Director of Dementia.

"Dementia is a condition that develops slowly and often goes unnoticed in people we know intimately.

"If you think that your partner has felt down or shows signs of confusion, kindly and sensibly suggest to see their general practitioner.

"Getting a diagnosis, whether it's depression or dementia, is the first step to accessing the best help and support".


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