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Cardi B shares his fight with postpartum depression

Cardi B. will be the feature of Harper & # 39; s BazaarThe fashion spring 2019 of fashion.

In view of the release issue, the magazine published the shots of Cardi in fairy-tale roles.

The interview itself has the rapper who lives all but a fairy tale. He speaks of the pressures of becoming one of the greatest music stars very quickly and of the controversy surrounding his relationship with her husband Offset.

Cardi also revealed to go through postpartum depression. After the birth of her daughter in July, a doctor explained the possibility of the disorder, which has been increasing in recent years.

She said Bazaar:

"I thought I'd avoid it … I was like," Well, I'm doing fine now, I do not think it will happen. "

"But out of nowhere, the world was heavy on my shoulders."

Postpartum depression can occur at any time in the first year after birth, but usually a week after a month. Despite the misunderstanding, depression does not just mean being sad.

The disturbance of the mood causes anxiety, episodes of spontaneous crying, appetite, blood pressure, low energy and affects your sleep patterns.

It affects your ability to live, work and take care of your children and it is important that we talk about it.

Cardi said:

"There's an energy that I have not recovered before I'm pregnant, it's just the weirdest thing"

The star said he did not take professional help because he does not feel like he can trust anyone outside his family.

However, she is very dedicated to taking care of herself and her daughter.

"Before, I cared about everything – relationships, gossip, now I do not feel like I have time to please people.

"I do not care about anything anymore, just my career and my child."

While the Harper & # 39; s Bazaar the piece sees her talking about her own rags to the life of the rich, the photos show to Cardi the princesses of fairy tales as Cinderella.

Cardi is not the only celebrity who has been open about his experience with postpartum depression.

Because the disorder is recognized and correctly diagnosed in more and more people, other women come forward with their stories. Their hope is to destigmatize the disease.

Hayden Panettiere discussed his battles on To live! With Kelly and Michael in 2015. Shortly thereafter, he sought treatment from a mental health professional.

Chrissy Teigen explained her struggles after the birth of her daughter.

"What practically all around me – but I – I knew it until December: I have a postpartum depression.

"How can I feel like this when everything is so beautiful?"

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been silent about her own struggles after having a child until the post on Instagram in 2017.

People are very grateful to women in the public spotlight using their fame to draw attention to this problem.

Postpartum depression affects 1 in 7 women.

Signs of postpartum can include severe mood swings, guilt and shame, and lack of clarity to make decisions. Often causes problems of bonding with the child, fatigue and social withdrawal.


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