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Capture dementia early, specialized care comes to the panhandle

It is a home open to the WNCC Harms Center on February 9th, where seniors and anyone interested can learn about a scholarship that will enable seniors to receive specialist care. Dr. Nancy Meier D.N.P. interviewed with NBC by the newly appointed Geriatric Cognitive & Mental Health Project for Rural Nebraska.

She acquired a scholarship last fall from Women Investing in Nebraska to provide access to specialized mental and cognitive health for seniors.
"This grant is really one of the first we've managed to get here, most scholarships go to bigger universities, bigger projects, so it was very exciting that we were able to get this grant ".

The 11 counties of the panhandle are all listed as "sottoservite" for mental health care. The dott. Meier said he will use the grant money to travel and make services available in rural areas, "I'll make house calls if needed," he said. The grant will be used for projections, evaluation, treatment plans, education and access to all the aforementioned.

Furthermore, the dott. Meier says that one of the goals of evaluation is to seize dementia early, identify and reach people in the early stages, provide diagnosis, treatments, so that people can stay home longer.

Evaluations can also rule out other causes of symptoms that mimic dementia. "Part of my background is that I am also a geriatric nurse, and I look at the older client and identifying what is the source of any symptoms they might have." He said Meier.

He said that often treatable diseases mimic dementia. Some people struggle with annoying symptoms when an assessment could lead to diagnosis and treatment, restoring quality of life. "They could be their medications, it could be their thyroid is off, maybe they do not get the diet they need and this is another help that I can provide." To identify "what's going on here & # 39;"

Part of Meier's role as assistant professor at UNMC is to teach geriatric care and the grant will help provide nursing training in comprehensive geriatric evaluations and psychiatric assessments. With more information and training available, nurses will have more tools to help the elderly. The tools that Dr. Meier hopes will remain in the community long after the end of the grant season. Not only will he continue to provide assistance after the year, he is providing training that he hopes will remain here.

"I am also training nursing college nursing students with the hope that they will remain and take the upper hand, when I have finished providing any care I can"

In addition, there will be training and information on dementia, the types of dementia and the symptoms provided to treat donors, family members and the elderly.

"We are looking for family members, people who suspect these symptoms … it may seem like they are losing their memory."

Working with health fairs, hospitals, clinics and other providers, Dr. Meier will be able to provide services in the panhandle that will make it much easier for residents to access specialist care.

The dott. Meier said he wants to work with personal patient suppliers. The general practitioners will receive information from the assessments and patients will receive the benefit of specialized geriatric care.

For more information about the open house, contact Bobbi Hartshorn at college at 402-632-0410, bhartshorn@unmc.edu.

Or stop at the college from 17:00 to 19:00. in the Plex Room located in the John N. Harms Center of the Western Nebraska Community College, 2620 College Park in Scottsbluff.

The public is welcome to participate.


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