Can Sestrin, a protein supplement, be a replacement for exercise? 5 exercises for the elderly

Can Sestrin, a protein supplement, be a replacement for exercise? Know what this research says

Exercise is important for people of all ages.


  • Sestrin is an existing protein that can improve endurance.
  • It was discovered that Sestrin prevents immobilized muscles from atrophying
  • The elderly can swear by yoga to stay fit and healthy

For the elderly, injured and physically disabled, exercise can be a bit difficult to handle. However, new research indicates that the existing protein supplement may provide some important benefits of exercise. Sestrin is a natural protein that accumulates in the muscles after intense physical activity, as found in previous studies. Researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that artificially increasing the levels of Sestrin in an animal could produce the beneficial effects associated with the protein. They began their research with three groups of drosophila flies.

One group was normal, one group had been raised to lack the ability to produce Sestrin, and one had been altered to overexpress Sestrin. The three groups were physically trained for three weeks, in a kind of mini treadmill designed by colleagues at Wayne State University in Detroit.

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When testing the ability of insects to run and fly for prolonged periods, it was discovered that regular flies improved, while those lacking Sestrin did not. Flies that were overexposed to proteins experienced an even greater improvement than normal flies.

Sestrin protein, however, can do more than just increase resistance. When exposing mice to Sestrin, there were no improvements in aerobic capacity, breathing and the ability to burn fat. In a related study conducted at the Pompeu Fabra University in Spain, it was discovered that Sestrin prevents immobilized muscles from atrophying; This finding could be particularly applicable to people who have an injured limb inside a cast.

Scientists are now further exploring the way Sestrin is produced in the body, and they are also working to develop supplements that contain this protein.

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Tips for the elderly to stay fit and healthy

As we have mentioned in numerous of our previous articles, exercise is important for everyone. People of all age groups should include some type of exercise in their daily routine to be fit, healthy and disease free. The following are some exercise options for the elderly:

1. Yoga: Yoga can help the elderly to improve muscle tone and balance. The latter is specifically important since the elderly are at greater risk of falls. Yoga can also improve strength and mood. Breathing exercises such as pranayama can improve lung capacity. The tastes of the infant pose and the shavasana can help you sleep better.


Yoga can be beneficial for people of all ages.
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2. Recreational activities: According to the famous fitness coach Yasmin Karachiwala, doing recreational activities such as gardening or playing golf, even twice a week, can improve the level of physical fitness in the elderly. These activities, she says, can also improve your psychological mental state.

3. Walking: Going for a long walk can be surprisingly refreshing. Fast walking is considered an effective cardiovascular exercise that can improve aerobic fitness.

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4. Cycling: Cycling is another great cardiovascular exercise. The elderly can opt for low intensity cycling to improve their strength and endurance.

5. Pilates: Now this is an exercise regimen that is beneficial for all age groups. Many Pilates exercises can be performed without weights while lying, reclining or sitting. Pilates benefits for the elderly include greater strength, flexibility and endurance, greater body awareness, lower risk of falls and better mobility. Pilates can also reduce the severity of debilitating medical conditions in the elderly.

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