Breakthrough in transplantation in people infected with HIV


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Breakthrough in transplantation in people infected with HIV

WASHINGTON. Scientists in the United States have again achieved a breakthrough in the medical treatment of people living with HIV: Surgeons have transplanted the kidney from an infected organ donor to an infected recipient for the first time.


March 28, 2019 – 20:23 hrs

According to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on Thursday, this was a premiere.

So far, organ transplants have not been performed on HIV carriers. So there is new hope for infected people waiting for a donor organ.

Scientists had previously assumed that it would be too risky for HIV-infected people to donate a kidney and then live on with the remaining kidney. The fact that doctors have now performed such an operation illustrates their confidence in the great progress of HIV treatment: with anti-retroviral drugs, which greatly reduce the number of pathogens in the body, the infected can live an almost normal life lead – and just also come as an organ donor in question.

Johns Hopkins University surgeon Dorry Segev pointed out that in the US alone, about a thousand HIV-infected people were waiting for a donor organ. So far, such patients have only been eligible to harvest organs from deceased HIV-infected people.

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