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Baby was about to die after he had been given herpes by a kiss

It all started when Lucy Kendall, a 23-year-old British mother, noticed that her son Oliver stopped eating and began to complain about some pain. During the consultation with her husband, the couple decided not to waste time and to take the newborn to a hospital immediately.

After several medical examinations were performed on the child, Oliver's parents were stunned to make the diagnosis: the child was infected with herpes, a disease that could be fatal at a young age. According to the doctors, Oliver could have been infected after he was kissed by someone with cold sores.

"Oliver was born on August 3 and when he was 11 days old, he stopped drinking milk at night and got a fever." The next day my partner and I took him to the hospital and there he was taken with oxygen, a tube to feed him ", wrote Lucy Kendall in a Facebook message accompanied by several pictures of the child in the hospital .

"He (the doctor) explained that the herpes simplex virus can be spread in a newborn if a person with a cold sore kisses him or touches the small one after he has had contact with the infection," the mother added.

In order to prevent other mothers from living at the difficult times when she lived with Oliver, Lucy decided to set up a social media campaign that explains the care of newborns, emphasizing that families should not let their children kiss by a person .

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