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Aveyron is experimenting with influenza vaccination in pharmacy


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Pierre-Marie Vayssettes is the chairman of the syndicate of pharmacists (FSPF12) ./ Photo DDM, M.G.

Pierre-Marie Vayssettes is the chairman of the syndicate of pharmacists (FSPF12) ./ Photo DDM, M.G.

Just like three other regions, Occitanie is one of the experimental areas for influenza vaccination in pharmacy. Since Saturday, pharmacists have trained to make this gesture, to offer this new service to their customers.

The experiment was carried out last year in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and New-Aquitaine. The vaccination protocol for influenza in pharmacy is expanding this autumn to Hauts-de-France and Occitanie. "It's just a test, this gesture is not yet permanently dedicated to pharmacists," says Pierre-Marie Vayssettes, a professional in Villefranche-de-Rouergue and president of the syndicate of Aveyron's pharmacists (FSPF 12).

Gesture training and a strict protocol

In the department most of his colleagues have volunteered to participate in this device with two goals: "Find complementary actors to work with doctors and nurses and increase the immunization coverage for influenza by a new audience. reach. "

The Aveyronnais pharmacists participating in the experiments therefore followed this summer with a gesture of vaccination and have drawn up a protocol by the High Authority for Health to carry out this new mission. "It is a serious and highly codified process," Pierre-Marie Vayssettes confirms, "Our patients must answer a questionnaire, sign a consent form before the injection, then give them a vaccination certificate and we keep an eye on them for about fifteen minutes.

If this new device seems time-consuming, Pierre-Marie Vayssettes reminds us that it is part of a medical logic. "We have a role to educate patients about vaccines, the performance of the gesture is in addition to the work already done by doctors and nurses, and we hope that this experiment will be positive and that we will indeed improve at the time of the assessment. will see the vaccination level of influenza.

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