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Another baby died as a result of streptococci and they linked a number of cases to influenza A

After the death of a baby in Río Negro, a report revealed that three of the previous cases have been co-infected with the influenza A virus.


After a baby's streptococcus in Rio Negro was confirmed yesterday, leading to six deaths registered by this type of infection in the past few days, a report reveals that three of the cases were treated at Elizalde Hospital that the city of Buenos Aires was being co-infected with the influenza A virus.

The two minors who died in the Elizalde hospital, the one because of sepsis and the other with pneumonia with effusion, and a third that was admitted to the same hospital in the same hospital, were "co-infected with the influenza A virus," says one report. released yesterday by the Argentine Society for Bacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology (SADEBC) and the Argentine Association for Microbiology (AAM).

"If not all were treated in the same hospital, the tables seem to coincide in that at least three had a co-infection with the influenza A virus and that they all came from the community, with no history of surgical intervention. This excludes the intrahospital acquisition of the bacteria, "the statement says.

"It has been clearly established that a previous Influenza A infection predisposes to greater morbidity and mortality due to bacterial superinfections," said yesterday of both scientific societies, recalling that in 2009, during the last influenza A pandemic, 27% of the deaths were associated with pneumonia due to streptococcus pyogenes, although this is a rare microorganism in this disease.

In other words, although streptococcal superinfection is rare in cases of Influenza A, it would have a high mortality.

With regard to the last confirmed victim, the Health Authorities of Río Negro yesterday stated in detail that he was one year and eight months old and that his death took place on September 3 in a private sanatorium in Roca, where he was derived from Viedma. a picture of pneumonia.


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