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Agent K-9 discovers a 90-year-old dementia sufferer who suffered a night lost in the woods

Police dogs can solve puzzles that are out of reach of their human counterparts, thanks to their keen sense of smell and finely tuned animal instincts. As such, K-9 agents are a valuable resource for police forces around the world. A K-9 officer in particular is celebrated after saving an old woman who has lost herself in the woods.

Police officer Saby worked with agent Dustin Brock of Birmingham SRT K9 Unit in Birmingham for about two years, and Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Brock had reason to be particularly proud of his well-trained colleague. Saby's passionate skills were put to the test when he was subjected to the task of tracking down Loudell Hubbard, a 90-year-old woman from Birmingham, Alabama, who had moved away from her home.

Hubbard has dementia and, when the alarm was raised, all members of the research team were particularly concerned about his safety.

PLEASE SHARE: The Birmingham police need your help to locate Loudell Hubbard, 90, of Birmingham. She is 5 feet tall and …

由 Fred Davenport WVTM 13 News 于 2019 年 3 月 12 日 周二

Hubbard, it turned out, had wandered for a mile and a half from his home at Killough Circle and fell into a creek on Monday night. He found himself stuck, but tried to find a comfortable position by placing the bag down like a pillow in the water. The humid conditions coupled with the advanced age of Hubbard made his isolation even more distressing. Hubbard stood still for a day, bearing the darkness and solitude of the stream alone.

Saby, the diligent dog who ran the research team, found Hubbard the next morning, not a moment too soon. The research team was relieved to discover that Hubbard was still alive and had no serious injuries. Brock, speaking at the WSET-TV, talked about his official K-9 as a true hero: "It is impossible for us to duplicate what he does", praised Brock, "and do his job as fast as he".

Proud of our partners and team k9 !! Saby has found a nice amount of Herion today !! Good job!!

由 Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit 于 于 2018 年 5 月 2 日 周三

However, the ninety-year-old Hubbard was found soaked by the stream and with bruises on his body. She was taken immediately to the hospital so that the doctors could make a thorough assessment of her condition.

Brock relived the moment of Saby's discovery. "The same time [Officer] Richard came around the corner. Saby was dragging me towards the stream, "he commented, illustrating the extraordinary powers of sensory perception of the dog." I come around and she lies in the stream. I screamed "Madam, can you hear me?", Recalls Brock. Fortunately, Hubbard raised his head to recognize the police research team, and the team went directly to his aid.

This is really strong. Three heroes joined us on set tonight at 9:30. Agent Richard Wright, agent Dustin Brock and K9 Saby rescued a 90-year-old woman who was lost during the night. Incredible what these dogs can do !!

由 Catherine Patterson WBRC 发布 于 2019 年 3 月 13 日 周三

One of Hubbard's worried neighbors, Frederick Jones, spoke on behalf of the whole neighborhood when he said that people waiting at home to hear Hubbard's safe return "had faith".

"At the moment everyone was still confident," he said. "They had faith and were positive." And speaking of their reaction when Hubbard was found, he continued: "Joy. It was joy. Everyone was just euphoric. Everyone thanked God and got excited."

Hubbard is assisted by a close-knit and God-fearing community who knew exactly who to thank for his safe return. "The scriptures tell us to love your neighbor as yourself," said Jones. "That's where we are with this."

Agent Brock was touched by the whole affair and could not help but relate Hubbard's traumatic experience to the knowledge that it could happen to anyone. "When we received the call," Brock reflected, "I was thinking that if it was my grandmother I would have hoped someone would use all the resources to find it."

K-9 Officer Saby, you saved the day.


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