Home Health After traumatising birth, I think women should know the truth about labor

After traumatising birth, I think women should know the truth about labor

Mother-of-two Natasha Pearlman was left "traumatized" by the birth of her first child, after being "pushed to the limit" during the delivery.

The former editor of Grazia, who had daughter Rose in 2014, has spoken earlier about how she felt that she "failed" after giving birth and struggled with pain for months.

Earlier this week, Catriona Jones, from the University of Hull, warned that horror stories such as Pearlman & # 39; s led to an increase in the number of requests for c-sections.

Matt Pearlman writes for Sky News that more women should talk about their experiences.

Imagine that the most painful thing you could experience was about to happen to you. Moreover, chances were that you would not get any relief from pain – and that you might experience a number of complications during the process or afterwards.

Imagine that not only did nobody tell you anything about this, but most of the information you got about it was that it would be fantastic. And that you could distract yourself from the pain by breathing and / or a machine that gives you essentially mini-electric shocks.

You would, understandably enough, have been traumatized when the pain struck or everything went wrong. And there is a big chance that you may not want to go through – or not without good pain relief or medical supervision.

You would also, most likely, be furious that no one told you the truth from the beginning.

That is why I fundamentally oppose the views of the academic Catriona Jones, from the University of Hull, who claimed that pregnant women were traumatized by "spooky stories" & # 39; about birth.

She said she had the task of investigating the phenomenon of tocophobia (the fear of childbirth) after NHS perinatal mental health care worried about the number of healthy women who asked for cesarean because of a fear of natural birth.

She further described the women who shared their stories on forums like Mumsnet as "terrible, a bloodbath".

Women say that giving birth is great, or shielding them from information about what might actually happen, is much more harmful than a few slightly bloody truths.

Because whatever your fear may be for delivery, the trauma of experiencing a bad birth without preparation beforehand is much more damaging – for a much longer period of time.

I know this, not only because it happened to me, but because when I first wrote about it, thousands of women shared their heartbreaking stories with me. They were so poorly prepared, so poorly informed that the memories of pain and experience had never left them.

Many chose never to have another child, or suffer lifelong pain or organ prolapse and incontinence that could never be corrected.

It is our duty to inform women – and their partners – about everything that could happen at birth. It is not a horror story when it is medical information.

It is a & # 39; massacre & # 39; for women because we all feel that non-education about the delivery has injured us.

Take that away and you finally have no information about the delivery that helps us.

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