Home Health A suspected death in the urgency of the University Hospital of Toulouse

A suspected death in the urgency of the University Hospital of Toulouse

A year ago, Mediacités published the CHU Leaks, an unprecedented leak of more than 26,000 incident reports that told the daily life of agents, medical staff and patients at the Toulouse hospital. Serious technical malfunctions, constant understaffing, endangering patients' lives … The finding was worrying and the echo of our disclosures was important. A year later, how has the situation changed? In an attempt to answer this question, we were by no means planning to expose a particularly dramatic event.

At the beginning of February the flu epidemic settled in Occitania. Emergency situations, which are already saturated in normal times (200 to 250 people daily), are in the front line and have to deal with rising peaks that can go up to 400 passages per day. Since January 21, the hospital's management has its & # 39; hospital in suspense & # 39; activated to receive & # 39; all patients in conditions of safety and optimum quality & # 39 ;. She informed Mediacités that the teams had been strengthened: "On 2 February, the number of staff assigned to the box and airlock activity was 3 doctors, 3 trainees, and 8 nurses for 51 patients."

The situation is much more tense in the emergency situation. And this Saturday, February 2 noon, is the drama. After a malaise, a patient of about sixty years arrives with Samu in the early afternoon. "It was mid-day and the service was already full. We had our heads under water," recalls one agent. There are currently "25 patients in attendance for 2 state-certified nurses," specifies the official report of the Committee for Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT) that was subsequently prepared. Or a nurse for 12 patients at the airlock.

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