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7 Harmful food for the health of the heart – the seventh day

Some foods cause damage to the heart, so they must be avoided or moderated.

In the following video, we identify the most important foods that threaten the health of the heart, time ":

Fast food, because it contains saturated fats, which cause health damage in case of excessive intake.

– Meat processed and refrigerated, with a high content of saturated fat.

– Deep-fried food increases the risk of heart disease.

– Eating too much candy causes obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes

– soft drinks and sweetened juices

Foods that seem to be part of a balanced diet, such as breakfast cereals

– Ghee contains saturated fat, such as butter, that increases the risk of heart disease.

– Pizza & # 39; s are in second place in the American Heart Association's list of foods because they contain saturated fat.


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