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On the occasion of the launch of the # AirWeShare campaign, those of the charity Hubbub suggest five ways to prevent or reduce air pollution

This week the # AirWeShare campaign was introduced by Hubbub, a charity that & # 39; mainstream consumers & # 39; wants to be interested in important sustainability issues. In addition to practical advice on how people can protect themselves and their families, it is trying to form a coalition of companies interested in testing new ways to reduce air pollution.

To find out more about how people are exposed to air pollution, Hubbub conducted air quality control with 10 people in London, in collaboration with King & # 39; s College London. Participants with different hobbies, professions and travel routines wore portable portable air pollution monitors for a week.

The monitors detected levels of black carbon, which in an urban environment are most likely to come from vehicle exhaust gases. Black carbon is strongly correlated with PM 2.5, which is known to be harmful to human health. Hubbub says the results show how everyone experiences pollution differently – and that everyone can probably do something about their day to reduce their exposure.

One of the participants, A-level student Kacie Curtis, told Positive News: "The study found that I am most exposed to air pollution while waiting for my bus to school. It is a busy road and there are so many big cars & # 39; s over with only one person in it, so it's not surprising that the area is polluted.

"However, it is very worrying when you see reports of the links between air pollution and mental health problems among teenagers, and I wish that more could be done to prevent people from being so ridiculous about driving everywhere."

Dharmika (photo center) participated in air quality monitoring during a trip through London

5 things that people can do to prevent or reduce air pollution, through Hubbub

1. Use cars less

Where it is easy to transfer, opt for public transport instead of taking a car on your commute or in between meetings. If you walk or cycle, you can help keep the air clean, stay fit and you are generally less exposed than in a vehicle.

2. Relocate your commute

If you are driving on a return trip away from busy roads, you can drastically reduce your exposure to polluted air. Try downloading the Citymapper transport app and the & # 39; silent route & # 39; Select when searching for ways to get from A to B.

3. Change delivery habits

Approximately 40 percent of us are delivered to workplaces in the city center, which means more vehicles are directly on the road, which means more traffic and pollution. Click & Collect is a simple, free alternative.

4. Burn less at home

Burning fuel in our houses contributes to pollution. By keeping your house cozy and properly insulated, you can lower the thermostat, reduce pollution and save your money on energy bills. If you need to burn solid fuels to heat your home, make sure your fire meets the legal requirements and use smokeless fuels.

5. Make your voice heard

Join a local group that is campaigning for change, such as Mums For Lungs and The Air Team, or contact your employer or local parliamentarian to ask them what they are doing to clear our air.

Click here for more information about the # AirWeShare campaign

Highlighted image: Ruben was one of the people who recently participated in air quality monitoring with the Hubbub charity

All images: Hubbub