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Recovering from your workouts in the right way is just as important as hitting the gym regularly – and recovery starts with a good protein powder. Protein is by far the most important macronutrient when it comes to recovering muscles from a workout. Taking it right after a workout helps muscle recovery and muscle growth, a critical step for anyone with a constant fitness goal.

There are a variety of brands on the market that use a wide range of basic ingredients and grams of protein per serving to meet different goals. The best way to enhance your recovery routine is to make sure that you don't just take protein after training, but rather the one that fits your needs and makes sure your body is ready to recover for your next session.

Personal trainers spend hours in the gym and work with clients to help them achieve their goals, which means that they probably know how different body types react to proteins and, more importantly, which ones taste like best. We talked to five personal trainers about the powders they love and their recipes for success (literally).

MFL muscle hydrolyzate isolate protein

Performer Trainer, stuntman and cirque Brennan Mejia is generally skeptical of protein powders and aims to target most of her macros through food rather than supplements. "Because supplements are not generally regulated by the FDA, I'm always reluctant to rely on them too heavily," he says. However, when he needs to hit his protein goal for the day and the food did not, Mejia turns to MFL Muscle Hydrolyzed Isolate Protein. "It is manufactured in a good manufacturing practice (GMP) facility which is also inspected by the FDA, is free of many artificial ingredients found in other protein powders and uses stevia as a sweetener." His mixing method for the use of MFL protein is mixing their flavor of strawberry cake, which reaches 30 grams of protein per scoop, with almond milk, blueberries, a banana and almond butter .

Optimum Nutrition standard whey protein

Joshua Habeck is a longtime Root 18 Crossfit trainer who keeps his protein solution simple: "I stayed with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein for about four years. It is the product that I recommend to most of my clients." The reason it's simple: the price. "They provide a high quality product at a relatively low price, which for me is quite large at the rate I go with." Habeck also maintains it fundamental when it comes to preparation, it is usually taken with water or it is slightly shed. his oatmeal in the morning.

Plant fusion Complete protein

Vegan fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the powder of choice of trainer Ryan Foray. Specialist in powerlifting and strength, Foray is picky for his proteins. He believes that many products are richer in substance, but his sure goal is the complete Plant Fusion protein. The protein is plant-based, vegan and non-GMO, which helps it recover well. "Most of the time I'm mixing it with moving water, but if I have time, it's almond milk," he says. "Chocolate is my starting point to feed the sweet-toothed monster in me."

Vega One All-In-One Organic Shake

Dominick Popolo is a bodybuilding trainer who needs a protein to help you build the leanest muscle mass possible without getting fat. He has also been a vegan in recent years. As a result, the People gets stuck with the Vega All-In-One biological shaker, preferably the French vanilla flavor. "I feel the ingredients are less hard on the stomach than other powders," he says. Dominick's Vega smoothie is made from almond milk, strawberries, bananas and Vega protein – with some creatine for a push in the gym.

Apollo Pure Protein Powder

Sometimes huge size gains are not the goal with a fitness routine or the accompanying recovery regimen. Neil Thomas, a certified trainer, specializing in conditioning, boxing and kettlebell training, knows this well. Since he is rarely trying to build dimensions (and tries to avoid whey whenever possible), he usually recovers with BCAAs rather than proteins; they help him build strength without volume. When he does incorporating whey protein into its recovery, it is a big fan of the products made by Unico Nutrition. "Their stuff is by far the tastiest," says Thomas. "Even their transparency regarding the ingredients is fantastic. While I'm not really opposed to putting terrible chemicals in my body for physical gain, it's nice to know that I can get the results I want without them."

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