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20 minutes – Spring is here with a lot of ticks

The finch season started with the spring. To prevent you from getting bitten, it is especially necessary to avoid forts and undergrowth, to wear closed clothing and to apply a repellant.

Ticks are particularly active from March to November. Annually, insurance is responsible for around 10,000 cases of fanging, making the cost worth 11.6 million francs, Monday Suva said.

A tick bite can cause borreliosis, also known as Lyme disease. Depending on the region, 50% of the tick bears this bactria. There is no vaccine against this disease that can be treated with antibiotics.

Variable evolution

The disease can evolve very variably. Often the infection goes unnoticed. The tick bite can lead to the appearance of flu symptoms, which disappear within a few weeks, but it takes several months for the rash to be recorded, Suva says.

A few weeks or months after the sting, possible lysations of the nervous system may occur in the form of pain, sensory disturbances, and paralysis of the arms, legs, and head. Heart problems are rare.

Meningoencephalitis sign

The sting can also cause a verno-summer mningo-encephalitis, that is, an inflammation of the brain and the brain. This disease is caused by a virus. Tick ​​carry this virus only in certain & # 39; s regions.

The evolution of the disease can be serious: permanent squelling and deaths are possible. There is a vaccine against ticks-encephalitis, but antibiotics are not effective.

Two cases of meningoencephalitis were registered during the month of March this year. By 2018, 323 cases were registered in Switzerland, according to the Federal Office for Public Health. There were 191 cases in 2017.

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