Health problems for Francesca Michielin who cancels all concerts: “Unbearable abdominal pain”

Francesca Michielin was forced to cancel all the dates of her tour due to a health problem: the singer’s social announcement

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Francesca Michielin is not well and it was forced to cancel all concerts of his tour. The singer herself announced it with a message published on her social channels on the morning of Friday 8 September.

Francesca Michielin’s announcement

Francesca Michielin’s message opens like this: “I wanted to tell you what happened to me in the last year. Unfortunately I won’t be able to return to the stage as soon as I thought, but I am forced to cancel the last tour dates, I am very sorry. Thanks for understanding”.

The singer then explained: “In the last year I have understood that we cannot always have control over everything, on the contrary: I have understood, or rather, I have accepted that life often asks us to let go, even when the questions are more than answers, but even more, I understood that we must give dignity and embrace our bodies even and above all in moments of ‘imperfection’, of deep insecurity and vulnerabilityeven and above all when they cannot support us as we would like.”

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The surgery

Regarding her health conditions, Francesca Michielin wrote: “I am writing this to you because it was exactly one year ago I discovered I have a physical problem. I tried to live with it, continuing to live my life, despite the constant presence of pain, but I did it because I love my job and I love sharing it with you, and I thus discovered myself much stronger than I thought, precisely in cohabiting with my fragility.”

The singer again: “Let’s be clear: There are much more serious problems than mine, I was and am a very lucky person and I faced this discomfort with the most proactive spirit possible, and the tour, in particular, with your presence, gave me incredible energy. Unfortunately in these 12 months, despite several attempts, the problem has not resolved, on the contrary: I had to do a fairly invasive operation – a month ago – because I had no alternatives. But, even if reluctantly, I accepted it, precisely because apparently this was the only viable path to feeling better again. As I wrote to you, I had to interrupt the tour for a month to get back into shape.”

How is Francesca Michielin now

Francesca Michielin explained: “Fortunately, the surgery was a great success thanks to an excellent medical staff to whom I will never stop being grateful and, even if different from usual, it was an August full of affection, creativity, slowness, nature, and your good vibes which all arrived with your constant concern and be careful.”

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The message continues as follows: “In the last 10 days, as per ‘protocol’, I have slowly returned to making music. Trying to do the usual vocal training, I felt some increasingly severe abdominal pain, which have intensified and become unsustainable. I thought they would come back, that everything was normal, but every day I felt worse and worse. Let’s come to today, Friday: the doctors, after several visits, told me that I have to stop longer than the initially suggested time. And you can’t imagine the sadness and frustration this news caused me.”

The singer added further: “According to them, it is not the right time to return to the stage and I need to take a few more weeks to go back to doing my job, which allows me to connect with you and feel (really) well. So I’m here to apologize to you, with all of myself, because I find myself forced to also cancel the last dates of the summer tour and the next commitments“.

Her final comment: “I wanted to tell you with great transparency what happened to me, and I hope you can understand how heartbroken I am at not being able to return to the stage. And I hope, above all, that you will stay by my side, because perhaps today I need it more than ever. I promise you that soon we will return to singing and living ‘without degrees of separation’. As always, for the last 10 years. I love you”.

Francesca Michielin

Photo source: ANSA

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