Health, medical unions turn to politics: “We need commitment, stability, planning and listening to professionals”

For the moment, the “buriana” of the Covid emergency has passed – today’s regional bulletin does not show any new positives in the last 24 hours, compared to one recovered and only one person hospitalized at the “Parini” – i trade unions of the Medical-Sanitary-Veterinary Management they make it clear, loud and clear, that there is no shortage of problems. Rather.

The weakening of the health situation due to the virus – they write in a note Anaao-Assomed, Aaroi-Emac, Anpo, Top, Fesmed, Fvm, Health Savt e SnrFassid – “is bringing out a worrying derives from the Valdostan politics. After the fight against a common enemy, which for a few months forced the political forces to converge on health issues, skirmishes and power games between the majority and opposition teams they are resumed ”.

The woes of the regional health situation – the trade unions continue, rekindling criticisms already expressed recently – has distant origins.

The political problem

What the medical unions write leaves little room for more or less cryptic interpretations. There is political responsibility, and it is as clear as the sun: “Multiple majorities they have imposed their own quote’ in the company, which turned out to be more paralyzed than proactive. In few years more than 5 councilors followed one another, with unnecessary waste of time, competitiveness and bleeding of professionals and skills which, therefore, do not take the form of last-minute emergencies ”, we read.

The goal, however, is not to “now try to find easy culprits to be pilloried by the media”, which according to the trade unions “not only makes no sense or justification, but risks further destabilizing a system that is still in the midst of the storm. We would not like to meet in September, perhaps with the umpteenth resurgence of the pandemic, not even knowing which political-administrative subjects to refer to”.

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The farewell of Pescarmona and a new health organization

“The former DG, Dr. Pescarmona, quickly leaving the reins of the Usl Company, made a personal choice, probably hardly justifiable and somewhat questionable from the point of view of managerial responsibility in such a critical moment – continues the inter-union note -. This choice, however, was not foreseeable by anyone e no one can be held responsible for it, if not the same author of the departure “.

Hence, a work of “part of the current strategic management of the company and the Councilor for Health together with the Unions of Medical, Health and Veterinary Management for the post-pandemic restart and, although complicated, negotiations and agreements are in progress to conceive a new one organization of the Regional Health: this, in this moment of great difficulty, represents for us a sign of great responsibility which leads us to consider the appointment of another councilor for health counterproductive for everyone”.

We need a new corporate act

“We are looking forward to the new company deed (for almost a year) – the trade unions continue -, professional positions have been at a standstill since 2012, economic and managerial investments (planning and health plan) blocked for some time. Now, after years, all of that is finally object of attention by the Department of Health: we don’t want to waste any more precious time, we don’t want the definitive collapse of our public-hospital healthcare ”.

With one more concern: “That the Aosta Valley healthcare area, already defaced and impoverished by previous political managements, you go back to being a land of conquest – the trade union organizations still write -, with an inaction and an absence of medium-long term planning that has characterized the regional political landscape in the Aosta Valley for too long ”.

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Enough of controversy and sensationalism

Then, the medical unions make a double appeal. From call to unity: “Those who, with an undeclared work and with the honors of the news, perpetrate instability and fuel dissension and confusion in a moment of quiet after a pandemic (and a probable autumn resurgence), they obviously do not have public health at heart and they have no intention of engaging with healthcare professionals. We have been available for years and for just as long hardly any regional politicians listened to us, and the results are there for all to see. Now we hope comparisons and proposals instead of instrumental inferences perhaps by those who have so far done little or nothing for hospital healthcare in the Aosta Valley ”.

A “enough to the controversies, quibbles and sensationalisms aimed at implementing reversals or reshuffles, most of the time in the press” which is added to another “enough”, this time aimed at “mediocre journalistic jokes about suspected irregularities, name, hiring, homonyms (in a valley of 120,000 inhabitants and 3,000 local health authorities, it is difficult not to have kinship with a ratio of 1 in 40, counting minors and pensioners): if there are irregularities, it is hoped that the judiciary will bring them out and take action Consequently”.

Then the other appeal, the one that goes straight back to politics: “During the pandemic, doctors and health professionals did their part with a sense of social responsibility and now they are waiting: now expect commitment from politics, stability, planning and listening to professionals who work in healthcare. Only in this way, it will be possible to exitimpasse dictated by the ‘flight’ of the general manager and the exhausting pandemic period “.

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“It’s time to work, together, for a real and effective relaunch of the only regional health company instead of still making controversy which, amidst immobility and uncertainty, have contributed and contribute to reducing it to an all-time low of credibility and efficiency ”, the trade unions close.

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