Health cup: Rhubarb, “vegetable-fruit” for any age

Rhubarb is grown in gardens

The plant easily tolerates low temperatures, taking into account the geographical area from which it comes and is not afraid of frost. In Romania, rhubarb is grown in gardens, especially in Transylvania and N Moldova. For medicinal effects are used stems and rhizomes, rich in important active substances: sugar, vitamins (A, B1, B2, C and K), proteins, lactic acid, citric acid, volatile oil, magnesium, calcium and many anthracinone compounds, these being the main laxative agent.

Rhubarb treats a variety of diseases

Eugen Giurgiu, PhD in biochemistry, with skills in phytotherapy and nutrition, appreciates rhubarb for its extraordinary therapeutic effects. In the work “Our Health” the phytotherapist states: “I recommend rhubarb as a remedy for kidney and stomach diseases. At the same time, the dried rhizome is ground, and the obtained powder is consumed plain or mixed with honey for the laxative effect. Therapy with this “vegetable-fruit” has given good results in other diseases: impotence, lazy stomach, intestinal parasites, anemia, dysentery and in some forms of asthenia. At the same time, the delicious vegetable-fruit lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol, protects the liver, prevents cancer and is a safe source of energy. This vegetable still hides many secrets for therapists: it is low in calories (it has only 15 calories / 100 g), instead, rhubarb is rich in magnesium, a mineral that promotes healthy bone growth. And the therapeutic effects do not stop here: rhubarb relieves stomach cramps and stimulates intestinal transit. Last but not least, fresh rhubarb juice is a safe remedy for children and adults who face a lack of appetite. However, the nutritionist should be consulted regarding the duration of rhubarb treatment.

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Red rhubarb contains more vitamin A.

In the treatment with rhubarb, choose the variety of red rhubarb, because it contains more vitamin A than green rhubarb. These strains are used in gastronomy to prepare several sweets: compotes, jams, pies and tarts. Pregnant women and nursing mothers cannot benefit from the effects of the delicious plant.

Recipe of the week

Rhubarb compote with mint, beneficial in the cold season

ingredients: 25 rhubarb stalks, 2 liters of water, 10 tablespoons of invert sugar, a tablespoon of dried mint, a teaspoon of grated cinnamon.

Prepare: Clean the stems, wash well under running water, then cut into 4 cm pieces. In a bowl, boil the water with the sugar and cinnamon, and when the water boils, put the rhubarb pieces in the bowl. After the stalks boil for three minutes, remove the pan from the stove. At this point add the lemon juice and crushed mint. This dessert is a tonic for the body in the cold season.

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