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The particularly honored and distinguished students of the 2022 Abitur class. © Volker Heller

Lollar (vh). “These are our exhibits,” said senior manager Martin Saul of the Clemens Brentano European School. 67 happy high school graduates from the 2022 class gathered with their families and friends for the ball in the Lollar community center.

From disaster learned

Principal Andrej Keller highlighted the past two years. The 2022 Abitur class was also massively hit by Corona. After all, the students would have had face-to-face classes from January 2021, while the majority of the classes had to work from home. Accordingly, the 2022 Abitur was acquired with just as much effort and work as the matriculation exams before the Corona period.

Keller recalled an almost historic event. In February 2020 he held his first and last crisis meeting with an entire class. Many were at risk of being transferred. Mathematics exams were disastrous. As a result of these events, grades nine through eleven would now be considered a unit of learning. The aim is better preparation for the upper school classes.

After the general award ceremony, special honors were distributed. These students were called to the stage step by step. Pia Seraphina Abel (average 1.2) received an E-fellows scholarship, Dominique Laura Amend (activities in the SV and UNESCO project group) received a philosophy recognition, Lenya Belchhaus (average 1.1) also received an E-fellows scholarship, Tara Aureane Gerbich and Isabell Hahn the philosophy recognition, Ludwig Krämer (average 1.1) an E-fellows grant and the physics recognition, Céline Kröck (average 1.4) an E-fellows grant and the Prize in the field of sports and for SV activities, Marie Selina Lau (head girl), Elisa Sophie Mathes (average 1.0) an E-fellows scholarship and the Mathematics Prize, Lili Katharina Riehm (average 1.0) an E-fellows scholarship and the Karl von Frisch Prize for outstanding achievements in biology. Jasmin Schemann (average 1.3) received an E-fellows scholarship and is a philosophy award winner, Leonie Elisa Seiler (average 1.0) also received an E-fellows scholarship, became a philosophy award winner and was nominated for the Studienstiftung. Diana Tannewolf is a physics prize winner, Janne Ole Andres Wermter (average 1.0) received an E-fellows scholarship and a proposal for the Studienstiftung. Sabrina Wüst received (average 1.1) an E-fellows scholarship, the chemistry prize and the physics recognition.

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