Head of the Tallinn Education Department: plan to switch to Estonian-language education within the deadline is not feasible

“The goal is good, but the plan to switch to Estonian-language education on time is not feasible. Starting this autumn, 16 students will start studying Estonian as a Second Language at Tallinn University. They will graduate in two years. How many of them will work in the field of education, how many will go to Russian schools? The problem of shortage of teachers is relevant not only in Russian, but also in Estonian schools,” said Rundu.

To solve the shortage of teachers, the new head of the Tallinn Department of Education finds it possible to involve specialists from the private sector in teaching.

“I know that not everyone will like this idea, but we need to start cooperation with the private sector. Starting with the Edumus initiative, when private sector professionals also teach at school in addition to their main work. The German gymnasium thus received a physics teacher and an economics teacher.

But this is certainly not an ideal solution, in the long term, it is still necessary to contribute to a new generation of teachers and support specialists,” Kaarel Rundu is convinced.

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