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Updated on 09/12/2021 01:49 pm

Monika Tothne Kaponya suffered the worst experience of her life after going to a hospital with a stomach ache, and it was that a short time later she lost both legs and one of her arms. The unfortunate episode occurred in the city of Pecs (Hungary), between the months of January and March of this year, but the case was recently revealed.

After going to the hospital, the doctors discovered that the stomach of the 39-year-old woman, it was perforated and would need an immediate operationreported the British outlet The Sun. The injury could have various origins, such as appendicitis, ulcer, or gallstones, but in Monika’s case, it is not clear what caused the injury.

According to the aforementioned media, the complications of a perforated stomach include sepsis, which in severe cases can cause the loss of limbs. In Tothne’s case, doctors discovered that he had “A certain degree of vascular occlusion in all its extremities”, according to the woman herself. He added that his condition meant that doctors could not repair all of the main veins and had no choice but to amputate some of his body.

On March 1, his left leg was amputated; However, shortly after, they informed him that they could not save his right leg, which was removed days later.

On March 12, Monika was told that her left arm would also have to be amputated. “Are you saying I’m going home without my limbs?”he asked his doctor. Unfortunately, her situation was complicated and, in a span of three months, she had to undergo 16 surgeries that left her without her limbs.

“Mom, this can’t happen, can it?”Margit remembers when her daughter called her on the phone to ask her about what happened.

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Monika admitted that the situation shocked her and she was unable to leave for several weeks. Since then, her mother and husband Peter have been caring for her at home. According to his account, the man had to quit his job to become his home caregiver, helping him with daily tasks.

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