He vented his anger for his typical-regulation wife following Paraguay’s defeat versus Venezuela – La Clave

A matter went to a square located around his household to observe the match amongst Paraguay and Venezuela. Evidently, just after our team’s defeat, he experienced too several drinks and when he arrived at his property he vented his anger at her prevalent-legislation spouse, whom he attacked with fist blows to the head and other areas of her entire body.

The female defended herself as ideal she could and screamed for enable. His neighbors named 911 and brokers from the 46th sub-law enforcement station right away arrived at the scene and arrested the violent subject matter. The curious occasion transpired on Tuesday all over 9:50 p.m. in the San Juan community at km 8 Acaray in Ciudad del Este.

The arrested man or woman was discovered as Sergio Giménez López (52), and his common-law wife, Clementina Romaña Batista, a 67-calendar year-old Brazilian, was the target.

The lady said that her spouse was consuming alcoholic drinks in a small courtroom found around her dwelling, exactly where he was viewing the match in between Paraguay and Venezuela for the 2026 qualifying rounds.

Evidently, the unfavorable result for the nationwide team upset the person, who, upon returning residence, vented his anger, introducing to the unique difficulties they currently experienced versus the victim, whom he bodily attacked with fist blows to the head and in distinct areas of the physique. entire body.

The attacks were observed by neighbors, who known as the 911 process, requesting aid. The uniformed officers rushed to the scene immediately and proceeded to arrest the hurt supporter. The truth was reported to the General public Ministry.

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