He thinks he is very popular, he refuses to recognize his rural parents, and the concert has 9 audiences and 18 bodyguards. He is cold DayDayNews

He thinks he is very popular, he refuses to recognize his rural parents, and the concert has 9 audience members and 18 bodyguards.

One must not forget one’s roots, and no matter what achievements will be made in the future, one should not be arrogant.

But not everyone understands this sentence.

In recent years, there have been many grassroots singers or actors in the entertainment industry who have become famous overnight.

With the development of the Internet, more and more people have become popular.

Pang Mailang is a singer who became popular overnight. He thinks that he is popular enough to not recognize his rural parents. The concert has 9 audience members and 18 bodyguards. Now he is cool.

Pang Mailang’s family background is not good, his hometown is in Shaanxi.

When I was in school, I liked to listen to some pop music and often sang some songs.

In 2008, he created “My Skateboard Shoes”, and after it was released online, it received a very high number of broadcasts.

Overnight, Pang Mailang became a creative singer and gained a lot of fame.

And this song was also sung by various stars in the event, and everyone could hum it when they heard the rhythm, which shows its popularity.

The music company even threw out an olive branch to him, signing him to package him.

Unexpectedly, Pang Mailang began to flutter as soon as he gained some fame.

In an interview, he did not admit that he was from Shaanxi, nor his parents in the countryside, and claimed that he was from Taiwan.

Not only that, but also changed his age from the post-70s to the post-90s (when the ID card was publicized).

One by one fraud, ruined his audience.

Since that song, Pang Mailang has not written less songs, and even opened his own concert.

It was often full at first, but then no one was watching his show.

At one point he only sold 9 tickets, but there were 18 bouncers that day.

There is no other source of income, Pang Mailang and his agent are relying on these concerts to make money.

But the tickets could not be sold, and they had to continue to do so. Slowly, they could only borrow money to survive.

His agent is quite reliable, and it would be better if he wanted him to appear on some variety shows and increase his popularity.

But Pang Mailang refused. He thought that he was purely pursuing his dreams. Once he appeared on variety shows, his dreams would be linked to money and no longer pure.

Therefore, he rejected the agent’s proposal.

Everyone knows that the entertainment industry is changing rapidly, and newcomers are like leeks, growing one after another.

Relying on that masterpiece alone, it is impossible to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry, and it will soon be submerged in the flow of people.

Sure enough, now Pang Mailang is cold.

But he still didn’t give up. He also thought he was very famous and started tossing around some music products.

But the effect is not obvious, and it takes a long time to make a deal.

And he was named by Jin Xing, who called him a “marketing star” and satirized his lyrics and tunes.

But now Pang Mailang has long been cold, perhaps still guarding the small house and insisting on his so-called dream.


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