He thinks he has lost his dog Blue at the park, he finds him keeping company with an elderly man alone

The Blue dog is young and cuddly. He was adopted and seems to know how to give the love back to the world. He usually goes to the park with his owner to socialize with the other animals, but last time the play session took an unexpected turn and the woman found him together with a different companion from the four-legged ones he usually runs with: a old man who, perhaps, needed some company.

When Blue and his owner go to the dog park, the foundling plays with the other pets while always remaining where the woman can see him. But, one day, in an instant he disappeared.
«In the confusion among the other dogs, I lost sight of him – the girl told The Dodo-. The public garden is quite large and crowded.’

Shortly after, however, it was discovered that Blue wasn’t lost, he had just changed his activity: instead of continuing to play with the other four-legged friends, he left the group and approached a man who was sitting on a bench all alone. And that’s where the owner found him, intent on being caressed and keeping the elderly gentleman company. After all, the dog’s gesture did not surprise the owner, relieved to have found him: on the other hand, “Blue always finds people who need a little love,” wrote the young woman on social media.


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