He sneaked into the stable to have sex with a horse: framed by the cameras installed by the owner

He installed a camera in the barn of his property and what he discovered was nothing short of creepy. The facts. We are located in Fellsmere, Florida. Here – according to what is also reported by the Daily Star – Ms Catherine Engel had a video surveillance system installed in her stables after discovering rope marks on her horse’s neck. The suspicion of violence against the animal was well founded, but what he could never have imagined is that the stranger who sneaked into the property, Mr. Santiago Victoria, 57 years old, did it to have sex with his horse Mariah.

The crucial episode took place on September 18 this year and was not an isolated case. The cameras have in fact filmed Victoria three times, with the penis in hand and then engaged in sexual acts with the animal, as reported by the written statement from the local sheriff’s office, which then also provided a graphic account of the alleged wrongdoing. Engel identified the gentleman, recognizing him as one of the workers of a welding company who parks vehicles on the same property where his barn is located.

Interrogated by police officers on Friday 15 October, the man admitted of having had sexual intercourse with the horse “even though he could not remember how many times”. Santiago Victoria was currently arrested on charges of “burglary” as he broke into private property three times without permission. Except for a deposit (fixed at 75,000), theman will have to stay in prison waiting for the new interrogation to be held on 29 November and which will clarify the matter from all points of view. What is certain is that he will no longer be able to approach the barn, as already established by the judge.

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