“He lives on two hundred rubles a day”: revelations of a student from Yaroslavl

What do modern students eat? How do they have fun? We found out the answers to these questions too. But the main theme is how do students live during the period of price increase? Anna Paklina is a first-year student at the Yaroslavl State Medical University. The girl shared with Pro City the details of her student life.

– I do not have a scholarship, I study on a paid basis. So, of course, I have to work. I work as a waitress, my schedule is flexible. Due to the specifics of my studies, I can not always go to shifts, for example. In medicine, you need to learn a lot, long couples and it takes a lot of effort. One month I can get 15, in some and all 40 comes out. I always have very good tips, which is cool.

What do you usually spend money on?

– What do I spend money on? Yes, for nothing special, for food, if only, payment of utilities, because I live in my apartment. I buy a lot of additional literature textbooks. I spend a little on transport, I use a travel card. This is where I try to save money. Sometimes I order a taxi. If we talk about student life, then a lot of money is spent on various events. I was in the team “For the first time on the first”, “We are a team”, various other competitions. My university and the “Union of Students” organized an event at the university. That’s where we needed to buy scenery, order video shooting, sew costumes, a lot of things. I paid 3,000 for it.

How much is spent on groceries?

– A little, at least. I don’t eat much at all. Thousand 5-6 comes out. Cosmetics, cosmetics, clothing and the like are not included in this amount. But I buy these things quite rarely and there is no certain amount.

What do students eat?

– Whatever I would say. Some people drink water all day, some don’t eat at all. We mainly go to the dining room, sandwiches, fruits. You can have a full meal in the dining room. Prices are not high, 200-300 rubles lunch will come out.

How much money is spent on entertainment? How do they rest now?

– I like to walk very much, sometimes I can go somewhere to eat with friends, cinema, I work in a musical group. This is how I am having fun. There is not much time for entertainment. I’ll probably spend 2-3 thousand a month.

Do you have small expenses, can you save?

– Yes, I save, I save. Moreover, I study for a fee and pay part of the money for my studies.

Have you had to give up a product because the price has gone up a lot?

– I just switched to Russian brands. If we talk about clothes, then I can easily find an analogue of an imported jacket for five thousand rubles, for example. Sometimes it will even be cheaper. The price of bread has risen sharply, that’s what I noticed.

Are there any savings hacks?

– I can’t say that there are life hacks. Depends on lifestyle I would say. You need to think about whether you really need this thing now. Sometimes you can wait and catch a discount. But there are things you can’t skimp on. Health first. More clothes and shoes, but this is for me personally. I never spare money for this.

Has the price increase hit your wallet?

– No, really. I live on my own money and therefore I know their value. I try to always use rationally. Sometimes you save money, sometimes you don’t. I won’t say that my expenses have increased a lot, probably by a couple of thousand more. It’s not critical. I know guys who have been really affected by this price increase. Basically, these are guys who live on a scholarship, not without the help of their parents, of course. They have a scholarship of 2,300 rubles for a dorm room of 600-700 per month.

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