“He is not welcome in our country”

Concerts of the soloist of the group Rammstein planned in Russia Tilla Lindemann should be banned because it promotes abortion and hatred of children. Priest Feodor Lukyanov.

Фото: Christian Thiel, via www. imago-i / www.imago-images.de / Global Look Press

“The creativity of the outrageous artist has a destructive focus. So, as part of the I Hate Children concert tour, he performs the song of the same name and the song I Bless Abortion. In addition, his videos contain cruel scenes of violence with the dismemberment of corpses, ”said Lukyanov.

Ierei said that law enforcement officers found many violations in Lindemann’s work, and urged people to join the flash mob “Till, stay at home.”

“Let’s work together to convey to the performer that he is not welcome in our country, and we will try to cancel this performance – after all, providing a platform for a German artist to promote abortion to Russian people is unacceptable,” said the head of the commission.

Former head of the investigative committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin instructed to organize a check of the arguments of public figures calling for a ban on Lindemann’s concert in Novosibirsk on January 26.

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