he immediately understood the malaise of man -VIDEO

Dog embraces homeless. The sweet scene has had a great success on the web world, capturing the attention of users -VIDEO

Homeless man and dog (Photo video)

Empathy is a gift that has always been part of animals since it is located within their DNA. Closeness, affection, the ability to identify with the state of mind of another human being are quality that is not difficult to find in any pelosetto. The story we tell you today is the most beautiful example of this great value possessed by four legs.

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Dog hugs homeless, the moment is viral on the web -VIDEO

The moving embrace (Photo video)
The moving embrace (Photo video)

It all started with a scene that warmed the hearts of many users on the web. The moment begins with the sweetest and most tender way that can exist. A dog notices a homeless man sitting on a sidewalk waiting in vain for alms. His gaze is sad, lost in the void, a state of mind that the four-legged person immediately understands and leads him to get close to him. So, without thinking twice as they say, he went to him. The dog sat in front of the man and started staring at him, looking him straight in the eye. Then, he realized that the homeless man was in great need of affection and rushed on him, giving him a very affectionate hug.

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The man welcomes his gesture with great emotion, remaining embraced to him for a long time. The dog lets himself be pampered by man, fully understanding his discomfort. Stay still and listen to his words, as if inside him he understood what was the mission he should have followed. An immediate affection was immediately established between the two, which emerges from the scene in the video. The puppy understood what the man needed and could not resist not going to him, staying close to him to show him his closeness. Not much is known about the four-legged protagonist of this story but we are sure that he has achieved his purpose, which is to help a man who was suffering. The dog, in doing so, has been shown to have a great sensitivity which allowed him to be useful to a person who needed emotional and moral support. The moving scene went viral in no time. Let’s take an example from the wonderful gesture of this sweet Labrador.

For a moment, the homeless man felt less alone.

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