HBO Max: Friends and five classic series that you can see on the new platform

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Surely if you are a lover of the legendary series “Friends” you were looking forward to the arrival of the streaming platform HBO MaxWell, you know that Max Originals premiered last month in the United States the special “Friends: The Reunion”, in which after 17 years the fans of the series could see their idols again together on screen.

However, the Warner Media platform is not only this series, because in it you can see content from HBO, DC Comics, Cartoon, Warner Bros and soon the Champions League.

For this reason, below we tell you another five classic series that you can see again on the famous purple platform. Here we put three comedy series and three great animated series that appeal to nostalgia.

“Friends” (Available seasons: from 1 to 10)

After a little more episodes of the series stopped being on the platform Netflix And now its triumphant arrival at HBO Max, for the fans without a doubt is one of the great reasons to hire this new service.

The famous New York comedy series comes to the app with all its episodes of its 10 seasons.

“The prince of rap” (Available seasons: from 1 to 6)

“In Philadelphia I was born and raised, with chewing gum and basketball I was happy, always calm without hurry or anything, no school installed in the fiaca”, it is enough to go back to the nineties and think about Will Smith.

All six seasons of the series are available on HBO Max, also like Friends has a special where they met again in front of the cameras.

“The Prince of rap”. Photo: Special

“Sex and the city” (Available seasons: from 1 to 6)

This series revolves around friendship, fashion and sex, which is why it became a classic of the late nineties and now with the plus that all its chapters are remastered in HD.

The series is one of the originals of the pay channel HBO most successful of all time. It is based on a book of the same name by Candace Bushnell.

“Sex and the city”. Foto: AP

“Ed Edd and Eddy” (Available seasons: 1 and 2)

During the late 90s, this animated series was released that talks about three friends and the adventures they live in their neighborhood. The platform has available the chapters of the first and second season.

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“Looney Tunes” (Large number of episodes available)

“The classics will always be moderate.” The classic characters of the Looney Tunes, on the platform we find titles such as “Rabbit of Seville” where Bugs Bunny and Grumpy Elmer give us a version “The Barber of Seville”. This and other episodes are available on the platform.

Bugs Bunny and Grumpy Elmer. Photo: Special

“Courage the Cowardly Dog” (Available Seasons: 1 to 4)

We are ready to fill ourselves with nightmares as well as this famous purple dog, because all the episodes of Courage are available in HBO Max.

“Courage the Cowardly Dog”. Photo: Special



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