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Actor Hayato Sano will appear on the Japanese TV variety show “I LOVE Minna no Dobutsuen” (every Saturday at 7:00) on the 15th. Sano rented a house near the shooting site of the drama as a “volunteer custody” project to take care of a timid protected dog with a closed heart and live a communal life under one roof in a real way, and one protected dog・ Introduce how to live a communal life with Wonka.



Hayato Sano (C) NTV appearing in “I LOVE Minna no Dobutsuen”

[Photo]Hayato Sano living under one roof with a protected dog with a closed heart

Sano appears in many hit dramas such as the Sunday drama “Guilty Flag” and the drama “Dragon Zakura” (TBS), but in reality, he is an animal lover and has an innocent personality. Sano’s challenge is to take care of timid protected dogs and cats that live in shelters for a certain period of time, and teach them that “humans are not afraid” and “the fun of living with humans.”

If you get used to it even a little, you should have more chances to meet new potential owners … Wonka, who lives with Sano, is a wild dog originally protected in Hiroshima Prefecture. I was scared of what kind of scary feelings I had until I was protected, and even though I started living together with Sano, I never tried to get out of the cage on the first day.

Still, Sano doesn’t force him to touch him, but just waits for Wonka to come out of the cage at his own will. I don’t want to force Wonka to do anything. Nonetheless, I am taking on the challenge of being a “volunteer in custody”. The next day, Sano goes on a strategy to guide Wonka skillfully using bait so that he can get out of the cage very naturally.

This worked, and Wonka, who never came out of the cage, walked out of the cage for the first time in front of Sano. Masaki Aiba, a program MC who has been in contact with protected dogs for many years, admires each miracle caused by Sano, and guests Miki and Ryo Narita are also impressed with Sano’s sense of distance from animals and how they interact with each other. Without a break. Also pay attention to the deep love for animals and the innocent and bright appearance of Sano, which is different from the cool expression in dramas and movies.

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